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Most business owners learn the importance of proper bookkeeping and financial statement preparation, but few enjoy dealing with the tedious task of making sure every entry is correctly allocated. The team of experts at Key2 Accounting provide customizable, professional services to give you exactly the information you need when you need it. When it comes to your money accuracy is everything, so you can rest assured that your transactions are entered and classified correctly. Let the experts handle your bookkeeping, so you can focus on what really matters to you, spending time with your ohana, building your business, or just relaxing in beautiful Oahu.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include

  • Internal Financial Management Reports
  • Deposit and Checks Entered and Coded
  • Reconciliations to Statements
  • Credit Card Activity Entered and Coded
  • Accounts Payables Entered and Paid
  • GET Calculation and Preparation

We unlock the potential of businesses by bringing their finances to life. We help entrepreneurs track and measure their performance in a way that empowers them to make better decisions and grow their business faster.

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Don’t work with a firm who surprises you with unexpected bills and high costs and bills by the minute. We offer customizable packages for a fixed weekly fee. Contact us at 808.200.1141 to hear how we are different and set up an appointment to discuss your needs today.