CORE 24- We Are Rolling Out an Exciting NEW Program to Help With Business Ownership!

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Tax

CORE 24 is an engaging e-learning program for anyone who wishes to advance their business knowledge.
It’s “Entrepreneurship in a box”.

24 essential interactive business concepts (called “cores”) for business success.
Nuggets of wisdom from experienced professionals and business owners.

Learn at your own pace, anytime, on any device! Coaching and consulting can be included.

Here are the 5 KEY Learning Areas

Team & Benefits:
-How to pay yourself as a business owner
-Employees vs. independent contractors
-All about employees— basics on hiring, retaining, terminating & payroll/benefits
-Social security & retirement
-Investments & insurance

Business Development:
-Sales & Marketing 101
-Technology & automation
-Customer experience

Smart Planning:
-Planning, cash flow, & budgeting
-Entity choice & management
-Real estate in business
-Planning for business transition, exit, or sale
-Tax strategies & planning

Financial Intelligence:
-How to read financial statements
-Key performance Indicators (‘KPIs”)
-Income management
-Business banking & funding

Soft Skills:
-Time management & delegation
-Working on your business

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