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by | Dec 12, 2014 | News, Payroll

Change is sometimes concerning for business owners, but to have vitality in today’s business market it is important to go through justifiable change to not only make your business better, but to also make your workforce happier and more efficient.

The biggest changes in Workforce Management affecting businesses today are:
• Affordable Care Act “ACA”
• New Employment Regulation and Rules
• Tax Agency Electronic Reporting Requirements
• Labor Relation Audits & Employee Complaints Increasing
• Federal and State Payroll Audits Rising Fast, severe Penalties for Non Compliance

As a result of these changes all software providers, including ours – Thomson Reuters, are updating their software to provide solutions that are consistent with the increase in regulations which actually provide fewer options to business owners that still want to do everything payroll-related themselves.

payroll services

Payroll Vault’s workforce management services actually save successful business owners time and money, as opposed to the traditional do-it-yourself business owner approach to payroll management. We can provide you an estimate of the monthly investment when you are ready to review details and services, more good news, you should see greater value in our payroll service than you expected because you get these additional benefits.

The Unknown Benefits that come with Payroll Vault’s Payroll Services:

• Staff Satisfaction: Your staff wants the payroll collection and distribution process to be efficient and easy for them. Direct Deposit of a payroll check is not only preferred and requested, and it can save you and your staff money and time. No trips to the bank during business hours to deposit checks. No more bank fees for processing checks

• New Hire Reporting – We do it for you at no additional charge

• Paperless Reports – all of our services can be 100% electronic and 100% paperless saving you time and money.

• Time Management – Time Clocks – New tools make it easy for staff to use and our automation systems can report hours automatically to us saving much needed time to the business owner and manager.

• Pay-as-you-go Workman’s Comp – No more estimating and pre-paying your workman’s comp insurance and reduce the risk of Audit! We calculate and pay the insurance with each payroll – no additional cost!

• Direct Deposit and Pay Cards – With these features your staff will be happier because you will save them time by not having to go to the bank to cash or deposit their checks, and rid yourself of the headaches of lost paychecks and searching for W-2’s!

Employee Portals – Even happier staff because all their payroll information is online at their fingertips.

• Auxiliary Solutions: We have researched and found some of the best companies to help with 401(K) offerings, HR solutions, compliance posters, health insurance, background checks & drug testing, and other staff management services

Furthermore, Payroll Vault will process your Payroll Checks FREE of charge through December 31, 2014!

Our staff is contacting all of our clients that have not made this transitions, so if we have not reviewed these details with you yet, call us or look forward to a call soon, so we can help answer any questions and help you through the changes that are occurring. We are also receiving a high volume of referrals and new business clients asking for help, and know that we work hard to be an asset to our business community to serve and resolve concern over these new rules, regulations and changes and support our clients with the highest level of integrity and knowledge. Attached is additional information that can help answer questions and provide details on services and tools associated with our Payroll Vault brand to help support your business.

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